Blogpost for GenR announcing new community


I’m writing a blogpost for Generation Research an editorial platform for Open Science. Its only planned as a short post to announce the launch of the Opensay community. Further posts and announcements can be made and GenR is open for the Opensay community to contributions at any time.

I attended the second ‘Energy Bridge’ event in Berlin, this January.

I’m writing the blogpost on an open pad

I plan to post the blogpost by Tuesday 18 Feb 13:00 CET.

Any input feedback welcome.



This will be the outline:


Max 1000 words! !important

  • Title: (topics: Open Science transfer and Planlos)
  • Intro
  • Announce the new initiative
  • Why its important: zero carbon and
  • Give context of community: Open Mod, Bridge event at DIW
  • The Planlos/no plan issue
  • Open Science: collaboration; its value for policy/CSO/Gov; OA/Open Science mistakes of the past and learning from them; OS + DevOps + Cloud Computing; Open Science transfer

@robbie I’d like to use the following two pics from the forum, hopes that’s OK


futures-and-systems-views-diagram.05.svg (the for which seems to have escaped me now)

Here it is

Hi @mrchristian Thanks for pushing the the blogpost along. A couple of issues:

  • the cryptpad link you give is by‑invitation‑only
  • please use the complicated diagram but note it is now revised to release 07
  • please use the little “welcome” graphic on your blogpost

Can you unlock the cryptpad or alternatively invite me. TIA. R.

For the record, the Generation R blogs reside here:


Link to blogpost again I’ll be finished in a couple of hours, best look after then as currently it will chop and change until its shaped into something fairly reasonable (he hopes, or more like it has to be).

Cryptpad changed how URLs are encoded to prevent tracking, you have to use dedicated share URL as opposed to doc URL to prevent tracking. Tick, done.

v07 diagram, yep good, got it



OK, final draft is ready! Yay. Possibly a good ending too - i hope?

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Hi @mrchristian Another bad link. But different from the first one. I’ll read what’s written at my last good link but won’t edit in case that document is not current.


This link should work

You can see my note of: 21:00 18 02 SW

Must be something up with CrypPad’s confidential link


And many, many thanks for looking over this. Really appreciated.

I just finished commenting. All yours. @mrchristian

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the blog post is live :slight_smile: and glitches please drop me a line - phew

@mrchristian Four groups of tweaks, mostly clarifications:

  • title capitalization (suggestion)
  • general public → interested public
  • community → open energy modeling community
  • licenses → licensed

Annotated screenshot attached. TIA!

combined.png.tgz (1.4 MB)

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tick, all done. How did I miss the title? It was right in metadata. Might revisit that ‘seeks’ later, but for now good. Thank you again.

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@mrchristian As discussed, could you add the following paragraph after “… trust and relevance”. TIA!

The above image shows where the various roles might lie in the process of bridging researchers and civil society. Researchers supply the system models and the established datasets. Civil society envisions various views of the future. And in the middle is this new community, provisioning and running the models, and subsequently undertaking the comparative analysis. One important result is whether a particular scenario is feasible or not — if not, the scenario authors will need to relax some boundary conditions and resubmit a more tractable scenario.

And if you could also adjust the HTML so the image renders outside the text margins, like you did last time.

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